Release 4.3 - Kaydoh

Release 4.3

Kaydoh is starting off the year with more automation and freeing up more agent’s time to focus on engaging with visitors

More details about this update can be found down below.

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Details of updates

Below are the details of key updates applied in this release.

Product Help Explainer
Using Kaydoh is easier now with our new “Quick Tour Guide” buttons displayed all over our dashboard. These buttons give a quick onboarding guide to each component of Kaydoh’s dashboard features and functionalities. Use them to help remind you of what each feature does.

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Property Attribute Auto-Generator
When creating a website, Kaydoh now will help lookup the property public attribute details such as: Bed, Bath, Living SQFT, and Lot SQFT. We make not guarantee to the accuracy of the data as its pulled from various public sources that may not always be up to date.

Please take caution using the auto-generated data and always confirm it’s accuracy.

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