Release 4.0 - Kaydoh

Release 4.0

Kaydoh continues to find more ways to encourage visitor engagements. With the latest release of 4.0, every Kaydoh account has been activated to have a triggered popup that tries to lead capture upon a visitor’s attempt to leave the Kaydoh page. It’s what you would technically call “Exit Lead Capture Popups”, its a well known technique in the lead capturing space. You can learn more about it here. Going forward all future real estate post has this enabled (you can turn it off in the page settings).

Another key update is including a dynamic CTA (call to action) button, “Schedule Tour” on all real estate. This button is dynamic and can have a different action and label per each Kaydoh page made.

More details about this update can be found down below.

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Details of updates

Below are the details of key updates applied in this release.

Triggered Exit Intent Popups ( click for tutorial )
All future real estate pages will have this auto-enabled. To turn it off, just swipe toggle it. Watch the tutorial video to learn how to customize the Exit Intent Poup. (click on link above)

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Schedule Tour Button ( click for tutorial )
Adding more engagements opportunities on Kaydoh Pages, a dynamic ‘Schedule Tour’ button is displayed below each Real Estate description and within the photo gallery. The button is directly integrated with the existing Calendly link stored at the Account level settings (read here to figure out how to add Calendly to your account) The “Schedule Tour” button can be customized to have a different Label and Schedule Link per page. These buttons by default are automatically enabled when creating a new Real Estate page.

( displayed below Description/Overview )
( displayed inside Photo Gallery )

Google Reviews Integration ( click for tutorial )
If you have a business page setup on Google, adding your reviews to Kaydoh is now simple as searching for your business in the Testimonial section now. All future real estate post will include reviews from Google and/or Zillow.

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Canva Integration ( click for tutorial )
Kaydoh can now accept a direct Canva video link to be added to your Gallery.

Testimonials Sort Enabled ( click for tutorial )
Testimonials can now be sorted manually for those added directly to Kaydoh from the Dashboard Settings area. Drag up/down the testimonials accordingly before finally saving the changes.

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Instant Preview Improvements
One common problem our members have expressed is the ability to easily refresh and see the latest changes get applied. The preview link upon every website creation is now updated to reflect and ensure latest changes are applied when clicked to preview.

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