Release 3.2 - Kaydoh

Release 3.2

Date: 2020-08-20

This updates contain fixes to our analytics engine and minor visual changes to your LIVE chat box window. Now all of your chat box windows will have a GREEN light to indicate availability. This provides visual engagement cue to your online visitors

Details of updates

Below are the details of key updates applied in this release.

⏩ Kaydoh Chatbox Window shows an ‘active’ status

All chat box window now have an ‘active’ status attach. This helps encourage engagement. Keep in mind even if the real estate agent is not available, Kaydoh’s system will automatically try to capture email to respond at a later time.

⏩ More accurate analytics to your pages.

Prior to this update, the analytics was including possible bot traffic. Or traffic from the agents Kaydoh dashboard. With this update we exclude traffic that comes from the Kaydoh’s dashboard and 3rd party bots.

⏩ Enable easy way to turn on/off desktop notification

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