Release 3.1 , 3.0 , 2.9 - Kaydoh

Release 3.1 , 3.0 , 2.9

With these updates, we’ve enabled desktop notification on your computer when a visitor engages with your LIVE chat. Kaydoh chat now can also be embedded on your own personal website. We’ve also included automated post generator to help write a clean post about the Kaydoh website being shared.

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Details of updates

Below are the details of key updates applied in this release.

⏩ Adding LIVE chat to your personal website (click for tutorial)

⏩ Getting chat notifications on your computer ( click for tutorial )

⏩ Leveraging Kaydoh’s auto post generator ( click for tutorial )

When you share – Kaydoh will generate the post for you
Post is generated based off website content

⏩ Optimized the preview image when sharing on social media ( )

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