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Strategic ways to use Kaydoh

Kaydoh is not just a “single property website.” It’s so much more and some. Kaydoh uses photos/media to put together instant landing pages with an engaging LIVE chat. There are different templates that is robust to fit several scenarios.

Tutorial Options

Watch – Tutorial (12 minutes)

Use Case – Examples

Use your own property to create a Kaydoh website to connect you with real leads.

Using other agents’ listings is also another way to drive traffic to your brand. Make sure you ask for permission before promoting it to your followers.

Doing broker virtual tours is another way to leveraging Kaydoh website builder by just sharing a few photos of a home your visiting. Essentially building out content of homes on tour. Every home you tour, get’s its own property website.

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Click here to learn how to build a quick Kaydoh Smart website.

Business Spotlighting
Creating a business spotlight website will create more trust with your followers and potential clients. You will stand out as local community ambassador.

You can also use a business spotlight to talk about a listing you have nearby. It’s a great way to bring more attention to your listing while doing a spotlight. The example below, includes a Chat Box button that shows “See SOLD Listings Nearby” and “See ACTIVE Listings Nearby

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Click here to learn how to build a Business Spotlight website.

Client Appreciation / Post Transaction
Every real estate transaction is an opportunity to further solidify your brand to your followers and remain top of mind. To generate business from these post transaction social media post, use Kaydoh for this.

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Real Estate Market Updates
Making a real estate market update is a powerful way of building authority in your community. Generate real engagements by driving people to your Kaydoh’s website with additional documents. See example below.

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Real Estate Content Video Library
If you make real estate videos or videos in general to post on YouTube or Vimeo. Bring them together under one single website with your entire library of content put together. Great way to drive traffic to a segmented list of videos. For example , Tips for Sellers (video series of advice/strategies you offers to sellers to prepare their home to sell)

Below is example of Kaydoh’s playlist of Social Media Marketing tip library.

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Integrating with your Blog or Website Content
Your existing content could be re-purposed and put together in a more interactive format with Kaydoh. Below is an example using a blog post and linking the article into Kaydoh. It also links together the agent’s intro video, along with more buttons that drive traffic to the agent’s website – targeting empty nesters.

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