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Share your website (desktop)

Sharing your website is a great way to get maximum exposure to your website. We highly recommend sharing it across multiple platforms. Facebook and LinkedIn are the biggest two networks you can share on.

What do you need?

  • Computer or Laptop

What to do?

  • Watch – Share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (duration: 1 minute)
  • Watch – Share on other Platforms (duration: 1 minute)
  • Read ( step by step )

Watch – Share on FB and LinkedIn ( 1 minute)

(duration: 1 minute)

Watch – Share on FB Business Page & Groups ( 2 minute)

(duration: 2 minute)

Watch – Share on Other platforms ( 1 minute)

(duration: 30 seconds)

Read – Tutorial (step by step)

To share on Facebook , LinkedIn or Twitter. Click on the social icon under the Share column .

click picture to zoom

Kaydoh will auto-generate a post for you. Adding the right emojis associated to your content. Feel free to make any adjustments in the window before proceeding to click on the button [Copy Post and Share]

click picture to zoom

Select the social media platform to share on.

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Before you hit the SHARE or POST button, make sure you PASTE the previous windows content over (the pre-generated post Kaydoh made for you).

You can right click in the area where you normally write your post, to find the “paste” option. You can also paste the content using your keyboard.

Mac ( command-V ), PC ( ctrl + v )

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  • Facebook Share
    After you paste content, you can make additional changes if you’d like before posting.
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  • LinkedIn Share
    Once you click on the LinkedIn icon you’ll have two options
    • Share in a post
      This is the most common way to share on LinkedIn
    • Send as private message
      You use this option if you have groups setup on LinkedIn, such as team group that can help spread the word or business groups you may be part of.
click picture to zoom
( don’t forget to paste your pre-generated content)
  • Twitter Share
    You will not be able to paste the pre-generated content. This is due to character limitations of Twitter. So instead after clicking on the Twitter share icon, just hit the button ‘Tweet’ to share the webpage.

    Do not worry if the preview image is displayed. As long as the website link was included, Twitter will be able to produce a preview images right after sharing.
click to enlarge
results after tweeting

Step 5Share on other platforms
Share on multiple platforms to increase your engagement opportunities. Below is example of sharing on Twitter.

  1. Click on the “Copy” icon to find a drop down option for “Copy URL”. Once you click, the website URL will be copied to your computer clipboard.
  2. Navigate to your social media website, and create a post to paste the link.
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