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How to make Real Estate Video

Video continues to dominate our social media feeds and capture audience attention. The 2020 pandemic has made video even more critical to one’s overall branding and marketing strategy. Making a professional video doesn’t have to cost a lot. You can do it 100% for free and not have to compromise quality.

Animoto is a service that offers a free plan and for most part will be enough for majority of real estate agent needs.

You can create not just real estate videos, but can also do business spotlighting videos, webinar event videos, virtual tours, etc. Animoto offers a large selection of free templates to choose from.

When you integrate Animoto videos with Kaydoh SMART websites. It creates a powerful engagement strategy that will capture any real leads that shows real interest.

What do you need?

  • Computer

Tutorial Options

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Sign up for a free Animoto account here.

Once you’ve signed up, login to your account and at the top right, click on the button, [CREATE].

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Animoto has a large selection of templates to choose from. For real estate videos, scroll down the left side menu of templates. Find the template that says, “Service Promotion“. To preview what a video may look like, just hover your mouse on a template to have it auto-play. When ready, select your template.

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Click to look up your photos or drag and drop them in the designated area as shown below. You and bring in photos and videos together.

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On the right hand side, there will be all the photos recently uploaded. If you need to add more photos, just drag them into the library area. In the main center area is the current frame of the video. A video has a timeline of many frames or blocks. You can view all of your blocks in your timeline at the bottom of the screen.

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Go ahead and edit each block frame and replace it’s stock photo with yours. Make the appropriate text edits accordingly by clicking on them and applying the correct text to use.

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You can remove a block by just clicking on the trash-can icon. To undo, navigate to the top to click on the button, undo.

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At the end of your timeline, make sure to include a Call-To-Action. Give consumer instructions what to do next. Add a new block but clicking on the plus sign at the bottom left of the timeline. Then, choose a block with your desired layout.

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A great Call-To-Action offers consumers a way to engage with you immediately. Such as, “Thinking of Buying or Selling? Chat with me LIVE” See below

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Make sure you add another block to include your contact information.

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Click the “Play” icon at the bottom left of timelinen to preview the video.

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To change the music of the video, navigate to the top to find the music button.

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Choose a mood or genre to filter on music. Hovering your mouse over a selection will auto play the music. Once you find one that you like, click on the plus sign to apply to your video. Click close at the top to go back to your video editor.

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Now your ready to finish. Click on the [Export] button at the top right. This will produce the video. Wait for it to finish before proceeding to share the video or download it directly.

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Click on the button, [Share], to pull up various options. You can share directly to various social media channels. If you want to maximize your engagement opportunities. Click on the “link” icon. Copy the URL and paste it into your Kaydoh page.

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Edit your Kaydoh SMART website. Go to the Gallery section and paste the copied Animoto link. When done, scroll down to click on the button, [Review and Finish]

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When done, scroll down to click on the button, [Review and Finish]. Then proceed to click [SAVE] to apply your changes.

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After saving your Kaydoh website. Make sure to sahre it on social media. To learn how to share Kaydoh websites on social media, go HERE.

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