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How to HIDE or DELETE your website (mobile)

Making your website public is by default automatic when creating a website. A public website is anyone can view your website if they find your link or you shared publicly to various platforms.

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Navigate to your “Smart Website” tab to pull up all of your existing smart websites. Swipe right to pull out buttons to DELETE or DISABLE a website.

  • Delete – Will permanently remove your website. There is no undo.
  • Disable – Will hide the website from public view. You may want to do this to make changes to the website before letting the public know. Or you may want to disable to free up an active website count.

To enable a website that has been disabled, select the website and swipe right. You can easily identify all the disabled website by finding the ones with a peach colored background. As shown below. To enable, tap, “Enable” and the website will be active immediately.

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