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How To Enable – Kaydoh Chat Notifications on computer

Getting Kaydoh’s LIVE chat notifications on your computer can be done on several browsers. By having chat notifications enabled on your computer, means you’ll get instant notification while working on your computer even if you don’t have the Kaydoh dashboard open. You just need to have the browser open (i.e browsing your news, writing your emails, using cloud services..etc)

Supported Internet Browsers

How To Enable

When you log into your dashboard for the first time, you’ll receive an instant popup asking to allow chat notification. Make sure you hit the button [Allow]

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If you are on a Mac, you’ll get another notification afterwards letting you know “Notifications blocked”. You’ll need to navigate to the Bell icon within your URL Address bar to the far right, click on the Bell icon, to enable it for Kaydoh by hitting the button, “Allow for this site”

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If your on a PC, you’ll see the popup asking if you agree to allow notifications from our website. Make sure you click on “Allow” to enable this.

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STEP 3 – Getting Confirmation
Once you hit “Allow” or “Allow for this site”, you’ll get a confirmation notification that you’ve been subscribed to get chats. It should appear on your screen bottom or top right of your screen as seen below (we are showing various examples based on the browser you intend to use).

Note: If you don’t get a confirmation notification after hitting the Allow button, it means something is wrong with your computer / browser setup. Try a different browser and see if this works.

Mozilla Browser – Confirmation
Microsoft Edge Browser – Confirmation

You’re done at this point. Open up a different browser in private mode. Go to one of your Kaydoh pages to test this out. Send yourself a message and you’ll see notification show up on your computer on the bottom or top right of your computer screen.

If you click on the notification, it will direct you back to the Kaydoh dashboard chat section to start chatting with your online visitors.

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