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How to edit lead capture popup

Triggering a popup to lead capture as visitors leave your website is a great strategy to to do a last attempt to generate a lead before they go. It’s also non-obtrusive as its not displayed immediately when a visitor lands on your Kaydoh page, but instead triggered when they attempt to go back or exit the entire page. Below is a tutorial on how to customize your popup, also known as “Exit Intent Popup Ads”

What do you need?

Basic Tutorial (video)

(duration: 4 minutes)

Tutorial (step by step)

Go to your Settings under your profile picture at the top right of your browser. Navigate to the “Lead Capture Popup” tab.

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Edit the header title. This is the top portion of your popup

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Edit the description. This is the core text of your value proposition to deliver to your visitors. Such as delivering home listings nearby, or sending a PDF of top renovations to make before selling your home.

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Edit the footer disclaimer. This is a standard message letting visitors know they could always opt out of your email campaign. It will be your responsbility to have proper opt-out mechanism if they are uploaded to your email campaigns.

Edit the button label according to your offer. Such as “Send me report” or “Subscribe”… etc

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Note: You can’t modify the color the button directly. It’s based off the color of the chat box. If you’d like to change the color you’d have to modify the Chat Box (please go here to learn how to customize your chat box )

STEP 6 – Final Step – SAVE
After you hit ‘Save’, all existing Kaydoh pages will reflect this change as long as each Kaydoh page has the popup enabled. Note, all new Kaydoh pages by default will have this popup automatically enabled. For scenarios where a popup is not desired, you can disable it at the individual website level by editing the website and toggling off the popup.

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