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How to EDIT a website – Desktop

Editing a website is all done in real-time. Any changes made are immediately reflected upon saving and will apply to all existing social media post done in the past.

What do you need?

  • Computer or Laptop

Tutorial Options

Watch – Tutorial (46 seconds)

(duration: 46 seconds)

Read – Tutorial ( step by step )

Navigate to your “Smart Website” tab to pull up all of your existing smart websites. Click on the “edit” link to make changes to the website.

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Make any changes you want. Such as removing videos, adding virtual tour links or changes to the chat widget. To save your work navigate to the last tab, “Review” and scroll down to click on the button “Save

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Click on the icon below the “Share” column to share on social media platforms. It’s not always required to share your website, if it’s been shared recently. Any changes you made, gets applied retroactively.

We do recommend to reshare , if you made key changes such as a new video or adding a virtual tour or price changes..etc.

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Go here to learn how to share on multiple platforms using your computer.

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