How to add Live Chat to personal website - Improve Website Engagements

How to add Kaydoh Chat to website – Improve Website Engagements

The easiest way to improve personal website engagements is by adding Kaydoh LIVE chat to your personal website is just a matter two easy steps. Please keep in mind, you’ll need to have access to your personal website to make changes. If you are not comfortable making website changes, please share this link with your webmaster or the person managing your website.

What do you need?

Basic Tutorial (video)

This is a basic video of adding Kaydoh live chat to an existing webpage to improve website engagements. For this example we are the website provider, Instapage. Every website provider is slightly a little different but the video will give you a general instructions to apply to your own website.

How to add LIVE chat to website

Basic Tutorial (step by step)

This is only a basic tutorial. If you are not comfortable making changes to your website, don’t understand where to find the header element of your website, please share this page with your webmaster or person managing your website.

Navigate to your dashboard settings to find the ‘Default Chat Box” tab. Go there to select the “Embed Code” button

click to enlarge

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Click on the button “Copy to Clipboard”

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Paste the copied script over to your personal website <header> element. Every website editor is different. The rule of thumb is every website will have a <header> element and generally a way to add “Custom Scripts” to the header.

Locate the section on your website editor that allows to add custom scripts to your header and PASTE the code in there as-is. Do not modify any of the copied script. Once you have pasted the Kaydoh code. Save your website and check it. You’ll see the Kaydoh LIVE immediately populate.

To make any changes to your LIVE chat, just go back to your dashboard and follow these steps here: How to brand your chat box.

Any changes you made will immediately be reflected and applied to your LIVE chat installed on your personal website.

Below are some examples of where to place Kaydoh Live Chat script in various website providers.

After pasting the Kaydoh script and hitting “Update” or “Save”, the chat will immediately display upon a refresh of your website.

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