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How to add Canva Video directly to Kaydoh

Canva is a great tool for anyone looking to upgrade their social media. You can use Canva to design beautiful artwork, flyers, logos, and even professional looking videos. To add Canva video directly to Kaydoh, you just need to provide the link provided to

What do you need?

Basic Tutorial (video)

(duration: 2 minutes)

Tutorial (step by step)

Go to your Canva account and select the video to edit. Then expand menu options at top right to find the option to ‘See All’.

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Once expanded all options, find the ’embed’ option. Click on that to find more options.

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Click on the ‘Embed’ button, then choose the 2nd ‘COPY’ button below.

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STEP 3 – Final Step
Go to your Kaydoh dashboard and edit your website. Go to the Gallery tab, there you can find the input section to add Canva link. When done hit, ‘add’ to be included in the gallery. Depending on the layout you’ve selected, the video can be the Cover (for Alpine layout) or part of the Gallery below the cover (for other layout options). When ready hit save to finish.

Don’t forget to share it on social media.

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