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Creating a Website – Mobile

Creating a website to share on social media is a great way to attract more engagements and ultimately create new business opportunities. Just sharing a few photos online is all needed to instantly make your website. Doing it directly on your phone is the fastest way to get to market.

What do you need?

  • Phone (iPhone)
  • Photos on your phone

What to do?

Watch – Tutorial ( 4 minutes)

(duration: 4 minutes)

Read – Tutorial ( step by step)

After logging in for the FIRST time, you’ll be asked permission to receive notification. Make sure you agree to allow this. Otherwise you will not know when someone is trying to engage with you from the LIVE chat or get instant lead notifications.

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Tap on the button, [Create Website] to begin selecting the photos to include in your website.

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During the first time creating a website, you’ll be asked for permission to access your photos. Agree “Allow Access to All Photos”

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Select as many photos as you’d like. When done, tap on the button, “Create“.

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Here, their are two required information needed to make a website.

  1. Title
    The text in this input will be bold and displayed beneath the preview image. Best practice is to keep titles short and describe this website’s key features. For example“Coming soon in X neighborhood”
    • ”Just Sold in X days”
    • ”Best local cafe in neighborhood”
    • ”Just Listed in highly desirable X”
  2. Description
    Provide details about this website. Keep it concise. Suggestion is to include a call-to-action early on. For example, “Send us a message to get instant details….”
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If this website is promoting an address, such as a real estate property. Enter the address, once found, Kaydoh will search through county and public records to find the corresponding physical attributes, such as Bed, Bath, Living SQFT and LOT SQFT. Always double check it’s accuracy and make the necessary corrections.

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When finish and ready to create the website, tap the button either SAVE or PUBLISH.

  • SAVE
    This creates the website and allows you to preview before you commit to sharing it to the public
    This creates the website, and then let’s you immediately share the website using your existing social media accounts and platforms.
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Share on Facebook as that is one of the biggest social media platforms out there and a great way to get more exposure to your brand.

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When sharing, Kaydoh will automatically pre-generate the verbiage to use in your post on your clipboard. Just single tap with your finger in the area you normally type to pull up the “Paste” option to select. After you paste, make any last minute corrections before you tap NEXT and then SHARE to finish sharing your post.

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To share on additional platforms. Just swipe RIGHT on the website row.

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Now choose the platform you want to share website on.

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Strategic Ways To Use Kaydoh

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