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Create a Website – Desktop

Creating a website to share on social media is a great way to attract more engagements and ultimately create new business opportunities. Just sharing a few photos online is all needed to instantly make your website.

What do you need?

  • Computer or Laptop
  • Photos on your computer
  • Video links (optional)
  • Virtual tour links (optional)

What to do?

Watch – Tutorial ( 4 minutes)

(duration: 4 minutes)

Read – Tutorial (step by step)

Navigate to the “Smart Website” section found on LEFT panel. There click on “Create New” to begin.

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STEP 2 – External Website Link
Add a website link that could be used to add supplemental information or redirect visitors back to your own website.

STEP 3 – Website Layout
Choose a layout for your website. To preview an example, click on “View Demo” link underneath each layout image.

  • Meadow Layout
    Great for showcasing a property. This layout features a sliding gallery, video section as well as virtual tour. This is a more modern look.
  • Classic Layout
    Most flexible design to create any time of website. It emphasis a cover image, while putting your contact information in the middle of website.
  • Business Spotlight Layout
    Use this layout when showcasing a business you want to help. It’s a great way to add value to small businesses and a way to build trust in your community.
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Step 4 – Title
Navigate to “Title” to create a captivating title and description of the content.

  • Title
    The text in this input will be bold and displayed beneath the preview image. Best practice is to keep titles short and describe this website’s key features. For example
    • “Coming soon in X neighborhood”
    • ”Just Sold in X days”
    • ”Best local cafe in X neighborhood”
    • ”Just Listed in highly desirable X
  • Description
    Provide details about this website. Keep it concise. Suggestion is to include a call-to-action early on. For example, “Send us a message to get instant details….”
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Step 5Gallery & Video
Navigate to the “Add Gallery” tab. There you can drag and drop photos or pdfs to your gallery. .

To include a video, add a video link from one of the supported platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, and Animoto

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Step 6Virtual Tours
This section is optional. Currently Kaydoh supports Matterport links. Paste the link and click, “Add.” An instant preview will be made available to review. If you use a different provider for your virtual tours, let us know by sending us a LIVE chat message below. ↘️

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Step 7Configure Property
Include basic dimensions of the property. All fields are optional. This means you can intentionally leave out information to draw more engagements. For example, you may have an off market listing or a coming soon but don’t want to disclose pricing information just yet. You can leave that blank and in your description ask visitors to send you a message.

  • School Information
    By default, school information is turned off. To include school information found from Great Schools website. Just toggle the option to “Yes
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Step 8 – Add Chat Box
By default, every website made will include a chat box. On each website you have three options

  • None
    This will remove the chat box from website. You may want to do this when you don’t want to interact with visitors.
  • Default
    This is the default chat box that was designed during initial setup.
  • Customized
    This is where you can change the chat box directly to modify messaging, theme color, or editing buttons that is tailored to this website. Go here to learn how to customize.
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Step 9 – Review
When ready to save, go to the “Review” tab and ensure information and pictures have been loaded. This is a good time to double check title. When satisfied, click on button, “Save

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Step 10 – DONE
At this point you’re finish making a website. Now it’s time to preview and SHARE it on social media. Click here to learn how to do it.

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