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Branding your AI Voicemails

Below is a quick guide to brand your automated AI voicemails that are personalized and sent to a leads voicemail inbox during a lead capture containing their mobile number. This creates a stronger connection to the lead and has a higher chance of listening to your message.

What do you need?

  • Computer

Tutorial Options

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Navigate to settings found under your icon at the top right. Click on the SETTINGS link.

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Navigate to the tab, “Automated Ringless Voicemail”.

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By default, Kaydoh turns on the automated AI voicemail. The voicemail is triggered whenever an online visitor provides their number either inside the web Chat Box or in the web form. To turn off, just toggle the button underneath, “Is Enabled” label.

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Kaydoh offers currently 7 different voices to represent your brand’s voice. Select one, and to preview click on the button “Preview Voicemail” after selecting a voice.

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By default, Kaydoh provides a generic personalized message. You can further modify the message to fit your speaking style. Currently Kaydoh can reference the following information in real time during the delivery of the message.

  • Lead – First Name
    The lead’s first name captured within the Chat Box or Web Form
  • Realtor – Name
    Real estate agent’s full name.
  • Realtor – Mobile
    The mobile number associated to current Kaydoh acccount.

To modify the message, clear the entire message or edit accordingly. To reference the available fields, click on the buttons above the message input box. It will copy the placeholder information.

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When ready to preview message, click on “Preview Voicemail

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When done, click “SAVE” to save all of your work and apply the latest voicemail to all future leads that get captured.

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