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Adding Custom Domain – Desktop

Each website made through Kaydoh can have a custom domain. Adding a custom domain is only a few clicks to find and register.

What do you need?

  • Computer or Laptop

Tutorial Options

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Navigate to your “Smart Website” tab to pull up all of your existing smart websites. Click on the icon right below the “DNS” column.

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Enter the custom domain to search for its availability.

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If after clicking on “Search” there is a check ✔️ next to the domain being searched, it means its available. You’ll also see the button label change from “Search” to “Register

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Before the registration takes place, you’ll need to confirm and approve the cost. You’ll receive a confirmation popup detailing the one time cost that will keep the domain active for 1 year.

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Once you have confirmed and approve the order (by clicking on “OK”), you’ll see a popup as shown below. Full registration takes about 30-60 minutes to register. An email from ‘[email protected]’ will be sent to you after domain is fully activated.

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When custom domain is active and registered, you’ll receive an email similar to the picture below. Once custom domain is active, share the website on your social media post. Go here to learn how to share using your computer.

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