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How to write amazing titles using a free tool?

Writing great titles to capture your audience attention is a craft and skill thought to only be possessed by expert marketers. With new tools coming out every week, we found this pretty nifty tool that does a great job helping you create optimized headlines for your video titles on YouTube or creating that important first sentence in a social media post.

The best part is this tool is completely free to use. It’s called the “Headline Analyzer” from CoSchedule

What do you need?

Basic Tutorial (video)

(duration: 5 minutes)

Tutorial (step by step)

Go to the Headline Analyzer website. Type in your first attempt at a headline. It doesn’t matter if its for a blog, social media post or a video title. Just type it in to see the system start ranking you title.

For example purpose, we’ll use one of our YouTube tutorial videos we published on “How to easily get texts from Calendly appointments for free“. The original title was “Get texts from Calendly appointments.” We used the Headline Analyzer to iterate to find a better headline.

The first thing we had to do was copy over our original tile and put into the analyzer. Then hit the button “Analyze Now”

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A score will be provided below, from zero to 100. A 100 would be very hard to achieve if at all, but the closer you get to 100 the more optimized the headline is based on the systems algorthim.

Note: Don’t focus too hard on the score it outputs. Its based on their algorithm and you have to consider your audience. The score just gives a good indicate you’re on a good path. Our goal is to always try to hit +70. We don’t try to hit 100.

To iterate on your head, check out the word balance section. It breaks up your headline into buckets by words in 4 categories.

  • Common
    These are words that most well understood by readers and has great deal of familiarity. As indicated in this example, the words “from” and “get” are considered common.
  • Uncommon
    These are words that occur less frequently but spark interest. They are based on the database CoSchedule has collected and analyzed. An an common word could be “way” (when used such as “Great way to get text”
  • Emotional
    These words generally will drive engagement. Like “Get your discount today.” The word “discount” would be considered emotional as discount generally creates the emotion of getting a ‘deal’
  • Power
    Power words are phrases that command readers attention and triggers them to act, like the word “free

STEP 4 – Let’s keep iterating
Adding the word, “How to” immediately improves our score from 55 to 73. At this point is considered a decent headline.

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What drove this score to 73 was adding the emotional word, “how to”.

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STEP 5Let’s keep improving
We like to try to always include a “power” word. Since our topic is about using Calendly and a tool to send text for free, we’ll apply the world “easily” and “free” to the headline as: “How to easily get texts from Calendly appointments for free

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Check out the words bucketed in Power and Emotional. At this point its good enough, we don’t need to keep trying to spend more time optimizing the headline.

Using a tool like this will save you time, increase your ROI. You’ve already spent time putting together a blog or video or preparing a post. Don’t let the title the be reason for lack of engagements and ultimately loss of opportunities.

The final headline for our title became: How to write amazing titles using a free tool?

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