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How to replace the sky in any real estate photo

Learn how to replace the sky in any real estate photo without needing to download any tools or pay for it. Using is a an affordable resource for the busy real estate agent who is also looking to save money. Go to our website to bookmark step by step instructions.

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On (the online background removal software), drop your real estate photo in to the center of the website. No signup is required.

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After file is uploaded, click on the little button at top right of image, ‘Edit’. Here you’ll get to choose the background to replace sky with.

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Upload your blue sky image. This will then automatically replace your background with the recently uploaded blue sky background.

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Give it a few seconds for the file to upload and immediately apply the blue sky to the background. When ready hit, [Download] button and wait for another popup button that says ‘Download’ to complete the process.

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Video Transcript

Hopefully, you guys are doing well. I got a quick tip. Today is a tool that we use here at Cato, and it’s a tool that we love to share with everyone else, especially the fact that it’s also a free tool, which I think everyone’s gonna enjoy. This, um, we are ever taking photos, and you’re needing to remove the background for whatever reason it may be. There’s a tool out here. Call remove dot BG is a great tool in its free where essentially you could just upload a photo and it will remove the background for you. On top of that, especially for real estate agents, you can replace the background with it. Better background. So this would be particularly important, especially in the winter season, when you can expect when you do take photos. Most likely you’ll be taking photos when it’s during, you know, and they’re not perfect scene when it’s raining cloudy. So here’s a quick example. What I mean by using removed out BG. You can have a photo like this on the left hand side and using that their tool, you can replace it with a very nice blue sky. There’s this really cool way of just getting something out done fairly quickly and it zips free. So you’re not paying really anything for this. So let me go ahead and demonstrate how this works. So what you wanna do is make sure going remove that BG and drop the photo here. That’s it. You know, we need to sign up for anything, so I’ll just grab a photo that I have, and I’ll just drag and drop it right in here and let it load up. And once it’s ready, what you want to do is edit it. So it’s gonna, you know, again, it’s gonna upload the file, and then it’s gonna remove the entire background. And now it’s entirely up to you on how you want to replace it. All you gotta do is hit the edit button. And then from here, they give you a list of options to replace the background with eso. You can surely go through each one at a time and see. Maybe another background might be more fitting, but I wouldn’t do it just because it’s there. Adding additional elements in the background which isn’t which won’t create that authentic look. You wouldn’t want to do that, especially in real estate. So what you want to do is go here in the section on the far right that says photo. Just select that and then upload a photo that has the blue sky or the background that you want. So for for me, we’ve already prepared for this. We have a blue sky image. I’ll select that and I’ll upload that. And what it will do is this gonna replace your background with that photo you just uploaded? So just give you a few seconds and you know, it is not instant, but, you know, it takes a few seconds, and it will apply on Just wait for that. And once that’s done, you’ll see this entire background turn blue. Essentially. Okay, there you have. It s so after a few seconds, you see that the image is already the backgrounds replaced with the blue sky instead of having a cloudy background. So you know, when you’re ready, you just hit the button and download, and then we for for it to pump, have another pop up that will have another button that says also download. It’s a bit repetitive, but just understand it. It’s preparing the image, and then it’s gonna provide you a button to download the actual image. And that’s it. You have updated image with a very clear background. So hit download. And then if I open that file up, it should pull up. There you go. So instead of having that cloudy image, which is, uh, let’s see here if I can pull it up again instead of this image here now you have a very nice blue image blue sky background for this home. So hopefully that was useful for everyone. Um, comment below would tell me what you guys think. I will provide step by step instructions on our website. I’ll drop a link there for you. Thio. Read some or if you like, or you can go ahead and book market and come back to Libya later. Alright, guys, have a good week