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How to improve social media engagement selling land

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Kaydoh’s CEO, Michael Lam, was invited to speak on The Land Geek podcast. He share his tips to increase overall social media engagement while leveraging LIVE chat to capitalize on those engagements.

Interview Transcript

three. Hey, it’s market basket the land with your favorite NICI real estate website, www dot the language dot com, And today’s guest is new. Um, it’s a an entrepreneur with a really cool solution for for a lot of you. But before we talk to our guests, I’ll be your best friend properly introduced by co host. You know him. You love him. Scott Todd from scott todd dot net land moto dot com Not automating your craigslist and your Facebook postings Posting domination dot com four slash the land geek Learn anything about anything? Investor ninjas dot com Scott Todd How are you, Mark? I’m doing Well. How about you? I’m miserable right now. I have a fancy new mike and it’s not working. And it’s worse because it’s on the Mac and maybe I should get a surface. Yeah, yeah. Listen, my surface is doing just fine. Mikes are working fine. I don’t know, Mark. Maybe you need to get a real computer. I got a surface also. Oh, I’m using it right now. This podcast already, Mark, this podcast is already depressing. I’m gonna drop off and let the two of you guys a moment, huh? do this for sure. Um, you know, whatever. Whatever. Alright. Our guest today is Michael Lamb from kato dot com. Um, Michael. Welcome. Tell us a little bit about you and Kato.

Thank you guys. Well, I’m excited to be here. Thanks for the invite. Um, you know, very briefly what we do is we help real estate agents get more engagement opportunities by essentially turning their social media post into the smart websites that have a live chat attached to them. So imagine you’re going to most real estate investors do this. Especially agents. They’ll post a coming soon. A real estate listing right on Facebook is very common thing. They’ll do. They’ll post photos. But what we do is we take the exact same process. Instead of posting it directly, you go through, Kato will turn down to a landing page. So when someone clicks on it, it goes to a website that has a gallery of those photos that you just posted maybe with a video with a virtual tour, but has a live chat that automatically starts the sales conversation for you. That’s really cool. Are there any other applications that it could be used for Let’s say you’re not a real estate agent, but you own real estate and you’re selling it for sale by owner. Absolutely. And there’s a perfect question you ask, because it’s applicable to any business that just wants to generate conversations that leads into sales. So for sale by owner will be perfect because they’re a bit limited on their exposure. So a way to do that is they can create their own property listening through Kato and then use that as a tool to generate those engagements. And you can put down on multiple platforms. It’s not just Facebook, so you created once you share it all, maybe Facebook, and then share it on the biggest B two B market, which is linked in post it over there. And the conversations are universal. They all go through one central location, and it’s all through your phone. So you, the minute someone puts their information in, we have a I voice technology that will actually call the lead within two minutes and drop a ringlets voicemail and personalize that message. So we do. A lot of automation is in the background really quickly, so the minute someone gives their information we are a I voice. It’s like, What do we hear from Alexa? It sounds just like that, but might be better. I I personally say it sounds better and it will call them. They will say, Hi, Mark. My name is Teresa. I’m Michael’s AI assistant. I just got your inquiry. I sent a message of Michael who call you back shortly. So it does that within two minutes and buys you time to actually follow up. And that does a tremendous job because it builds that initial relationship because it’s not a cold call. Because now you’re following up on that voicemail that was just dropped. Okay, Scott, Todd, are your Are your wheels spinning?

I mean, that’s pretty cool, right? Like, that’s pretty cool stuff. And so, um, like, how complex this seems like it be complicated to set up it. Is it Is it well for their realtor? No. You sign up, you sign up. You pay for all the all of us automatically set up for you. If you want to customize maybe the messaging, you can go in and make some changes to it. But people can get out of the gate. Maybe in less than five minutes. You pay for it, and you can literally take your phone, take a few photos and share it on Facebook. And the website’s done for you automatically with the live chat. You don’t have to worry about setting up the live chat, how the message is going to come to you. The fact that you just downloaded the mobile app it’s all set up automatically. Seamless. Okay, Mark, listen, I think that I think that just to be fair to you, Mark, I think we should just in this podcast now, you and I, we have this, like, hidden gym that just you and I use no one else, Like, talk about scarcity mentality. Let’s just shut it down now and you get the safe face because your microphone issue no one will ever know. We get this cool technology that no one will ever know. You know what? This This is sort of a little hidden gem. So, Michael, who is your competition like? I think Scott might be right. We might just end this now and really, You know, I don’t think you know about this about Scotland, but we’re constantly competing, so I’d like to get an exclusive deal just with you and Kato. As long as Scott can’t have it. Because this could This could double my sales. Yeah, it’s a it’s a It’s amazing. You know, obviously, I’m the founder of the company, so I’m very biased, but, uh, you know, I went through a lot of, uh, trials and tribulations. You can say a lot of challenges and led to this point. And this is by far, you know, obviously my best product, um, are best product. And And we just launched about last quarter. So, you know, this isn’t something that’s been around for some time, but I’ve I’ve been in the AI chatbots business for more than three years. I was one of the first to build one of the most viral chatbots on Facebook Messenger in maybe 2017. Um, I started prior to Kato.

I started another company called Go Higher with a partner of mine. And during that, I’ll share this story with you. That explains how we lead into Kato was you know, I was in HR industry early on. Um, I was actually convinced by my co founder to join his company let’s start to go into HR. I was never really fascinated with HR, but, um, I wanted to get off the ground. I wanted to, you know, do something other than the 9 to 5 type job, right? And I decided, let’s just get into it. Um and then we we had this problem where people were just going on our website and they were just bouncing. So we get, like, maybe thousands a month coming to our website and they will just leave. They’ll come in two seconds and they bounce. So we’re like, Okay, what’s going on? So we decided to put a live chat in, started talking to the people that were going on the website, and we’re just asking, like, What’s what? What? You know, how can we help you? And they were just didn’t know how to search for jobs like they would tell us. I’m looking for a part time job in Kansas City. So we realized okay, if they were looking just for something simple as that we just went in the background, created another tab, went on our own website and did a search for them and said, Oh, I found 2000 jobs for you. Part time in Kansas City. We gave them the length, Then we realized Okay, how do we automate this? And this is how chatbot technology was just coming to the media in 2000 and 16. 17. This is when Facebook, Microsoft, Google, all these platforms started coming out saying, You can do chat box. And for those of your listeners who don’t know where the chat pot is essentially an automated messaging system, you send them a message and replies back automatically, uh, in context. Um, so we had some system in place where we would say, you know, are you looking for a job? They would say yes, and then we would ask them what type of job and what location. And then based on just maybe two or three questions, we would send it off through our server that would pull in thousands of jobs, and we had access to international jobs. So when we build something on Facebook, I think it was around Thanksgiving 2017 when we released it. Within 30 days, we went in over 100 countries doing over 100,000 messages. And when I logged into the computer. I literally thought we had a virus on Facebook because I kept seeing these conversations going back and forth. And I wasn’t the one typing. It was our system interacting with the consumer, and it just took off. And then that’s how basically I got into chatbots. I mean, prior to that, I was very technical. But, champ, that’s how you know, we got into that space, and then we got into automated voice technology. And, you know, this is how Alexa came out and how we got more involved with using tools like Alexa and got us to eventually once, you know, And I skipped a lot of steps here, but, you know, go higher was a very interesting, uh, integral piece of my path that led me to Kato. So I still go hard for maybe a year and a half. And then I decided to leave because just hr wasn’t my cup of tea. And I want to do more real estate. Um, you know, I’ve been investing in real estate, you know, back in, started buying properties back in 2000 and eight, right when it crashed. Um, you know, I always joke around tell people I wish I was that smart, and I timed it. It was just at that time, that’s all I can afford. Uh, and it was just to my benefit, you know, the prices were dropping like crazy. So I got in at a very good price. And I started accumulating properties over the course of years, buying homes, doing some flips, um, doing a lot of single family residence properties. And, you know, I was very fascinated about the entire industry. Um, but one thing that stuck with me, it was just the agents, like the agents. Um, maybe I was way ahead of the curve, uh, in terms of technology, and I was always, like, maybe five steps ahead of the agents. And that really bothered me because I knew I needed an agent. No matter what. Like in my I couldn’t see that I can do these transactions without an agent. I really needed that agent to be there. There’s a lot of aspects to real estate investing that a lot of I was a tech entrepreneurs in the real estate space don’t understand because they think that you can just cut out the commission and get rid of agents. But when you invest in properties and when you buy properties, a lot of it’s just very emotional. You’re talking about just not just the individual, but, you know, if you have a spouse like those, those two needs to be in sync with the transaction. And a lot of times the agents are the ones who will, you know, help, you know, help cater and help control those emotions. Because it’s the biggest purchase of your life, you know? Yeah. No. No, absolutely. So, um, I’m all in on the chat Bob thing. In fact, um, I don’t even know if Scott Todd knows this. I I actually had an opportunity to invest in many chat at its series A Okay around. So I’ve been very interesting chap out space for a long time. Scott and I have a very simple philosophy. We can always make more money. We can’t get more time. So anything that we can automate systematize delegate, we love. Now the question is, let’s say that we have an ad on Facebook for this piece. This 10 acre parcel in Texas. Well, we might get 50 inquiries, um, on it like we put up the ad on Facebook, we might get 50. Increase with the bot would be would we be using your bot to create the ad? And then the body will then respond Because my knowledge of the bot with Facebook is they have to They only can can sort of engage on a Facebook page. You can’t be like in marketplace. Yeah, that work just to put just to put some clear clarity around that, too. Really? What’s happening, Michael, is we go out and we post an ad, not an ad ad, but we make a post in marketplace, okay? And so in marketplace, like when someone responds to something, you can’t fire up a chat pot because the chatbots for a business and not personal and you’re posting under the personal piece, right? That’s the context of marks. Question Yes, right in the marketplace. I’m not too familiar with that. Um and I think you know, to be clear what we do on our end, we’re at the very early stage of the automation. We don’t leverage the actual chapa technology like what we built at Go higher. That’s actually down in the pipeline. So what we’re solving in the real estate industry is the fact a couple of things one close to 50% of real estate leads never get responded to. So the fact that once a lead is capture, we deliver that to the agent multiple ways instantaneously. We send them a text message. We send them an APP notification. We send them an email, so there’s no excuse for the agent to not be aware of this lead. Secondly, we make sure that if they give their phone number, the lead gives the phone number. We follow up so we don’t continue the conversation. We don’t carry a conversation like a Champ Technology could do. We have that in our prior products, but right now that’s not our focus. Our focus is really too. If they’re posting something on Facebook personally, how do you get them into a landing page and then how you get them to have that conversation started, and that’s what we’re solving it. If you’re already posting these photos by yourself, why not put a strategy behind it? Why not take them to a landing page that has a live chat, has a pixel, you can start retargeting automatically. So that’s what we’re solving is like that piece. We’ll do the automation now, you know, and I’ll step back because a lot of people you know, I used to, you know, support a community of 3000 baht. Developers come in motion, ai Uh, the biggest misconception is people think that, you know, you can have this champ out that’s going to solve this problem of like like you not being there to have that conversation. That’s that’s the one of the biggest I don’t know, maybe fallacy or misconception, because Chapa is not at a state right now that is affordable. That can have a conversation that’s fluid against what I mean by that is you will easily detect. This is not a real person, and you can easily detect that this is an automated system. So what we’ve always you know, what I always have taught is that you’ve got to be clear upfront. You gotta let them know this is an automated system and you guide them through a process, meaning you give them buttons that they can press that can guide them down the flow. So you prequalified elite, you ask them. Are you looking to buy yes or no. And if they say yes, then you ask them. You know, how soon are you looking to buy? And you ask them questions that are relevant to those answers. But you take them down a path that is still fluid. But you give them buttons to press, whereas you don’t have to make them type it out or you’re not trying to asked him a very open ended question. Because then if you do that, I I mean, I don’t know if you know this, but I’m and I don’t want to, you know, bring up these stories that I find funny. But, you know, Microsoft, you know, they had this boat caught A I don’t know if you guys remember that, but it was It was very I would say viral because that body went racist. It was because early on they you know, Microsoft claimed that they had a very intelligent chatbots. Go ahead and play with it and people started messing around with that body and it turned that bought into a racist spot, and they had to turn it down. And, you know, if you just step back and not look at that when I just shared but more on the amount of money that was involved to create this chapel was a lot of money, and they still made mistakes. So as an entrepreneur, as businesses looking to, like, embrace chapel technology, If a company is offering, you know, 50 bucks a month for this, you’ve got to understand, like, you know, you gotta ask yourself, how much money did it put in to make? If they’re claiming, it’s going to be really, uh, you know, intelligent, You gotta, you know, uh, you know, I always take it with a grain of salt. Got to be careful because, you know, if the company is coming in with very clear expectations, that’s what you want. But if they come out and say we’re a I company with the smartest and we’ll solve your problems, you gotta be careful with that. So, you know, that’s just my, uh, be aware type, because I’ve seen it all. Okay, So you would recommend then that instead of sort of putting our add up in marketplace, we could put it on LinkedIn our personal Facebook profile. We could use Twitter. Yes. Um, and your Facebook business page in your Facebook business page and then using your technology, it would then respond with a I would call them if they were qualified. Lead? Yeah, they put in the information. Absolutely. And you can you can, You know, if you’re if you’re doing a land, you’re doing a promotion about the land. You say something maybe interesting about that land, right? And maybe that land I don’t know. I don’t know. I mean, I’m in Silicon Valley here. Um, there’s a you know, there was tons of land near Google’s biggest campus that they’re planning on building. So maybe you’re promoting selling a chunk of that land there. Um, you might want to have your initial question that will automatically pop up will be a question related to that. You know, Are you looking to, you know, live near Google’s next campus type thing? You know, And if that’s the case, maybe that’s an important qualifier because you’re targeting people who are interested in technology that wants to live in that space, right? So whatever that first question is, it’s going to have to be the question that will kick out maybe 50% of your non qualified leads type thing. And then from there you go on. Um, you know, what we’ve seen is that you don’t get a lot. You might get a lot of traffic, but you don’t get a lot of inquiries unless they’re, like serious intent. Like the way the system is set up. It’s like, if I’m looking at your content, if I really have a question, I’ve you know, I’m already like giving you my intent that I got this question, You know, I’m not going to chit chat with you, you know, I know people have concerns. Like if I put a live chat on my website, I’m gonna be like chit chatting with people. And I tell people, Do people got people have so much crap in their life like they don’t got time to chitchat like, If they look at your content and they have a question, it’s because they’ve shown interest. And you should answer that. You know, you got to start building that relationship right away, and I tell people like if you’re running a business and you get a phone call, are you going to automatically say I don’t got time for this? or if you are available, wouldn’t you want to pick up the phone call? Because that could be, I don’t know, Bill Gates on the other line. I don’t know, right? I mean, you don’t know. So you need to pick up that phone call and then start qualifying. So similarly, instead of a physical phone call, you got this virtual call, right? Someone’s messaging you through the Internet, especially with the pandemic happening to shelter in place. This is the best time to do it. Well, let’s take land. Moto, for example. So Scott has a platform land motor dot com People list their properties on the platform. You’re thousands of people, you know, thousands of listings. Yet could Scott embed this technology as a chat? Where? Maybe not for every listing, but just for land Modo, Do you have questions about up, like, just for the consumer? Do you have questions about the service? And then I might have questions like, What’s the between premium and the free version? And then the bot essentially would respond. Could he do that just on his website? He could So, uh, in theory, he could. We have a you know, that’s That’s next. I’m sorry. Turn off my phone Here. Um uh, to put a chat to put a live chat on your website. That’s something that we’re putting out the next quarter that you have right now is all based off of landing pages. So if he, you know, our product is geared towards those who are more on social media, if you’re posting photos or videos on social media, that’s we’re targeting right now. Um, but that’s certainly down in the pipeline where you can put that put the chat box in your website. Let’s say I go and visit land Moto and he doesn’t retargeting ad to me, that’s where I could then engage with You’re absolutely, absolutely. What we’ve seen is people run ads and they’ll have, like maybe a carousel of images. And then at the end, there’s always this option to learn more or view the website, and when they click on that, it takes him to the Kato’s landing page, where they look at the content again and then they end up speaking to someone or they double opt in. So the least that they do get on Kato is actually more qualified because they went through the ad, they submitted the information and they went to the website and they still submitted additional information. So you’re getting just better quality. You’re not getting quantity. You’re getting quality. You’re getting people who actually have interests. Scott, Todd, I was gonna say Mark the cool thing about what they’re doing that you think about this, right? Like too many times. People are so focused on their website. Oh, I need a website to start my business and we keep telling like No, you don’t. Well, to me, the cool thing that you do is you download is at you. Take pictures of the land right from your phone, like you don’t have to have to take pictures. You can take it from the camera reel or the camera roll. You can upload it. You’re creating this thing, it sends it to your personal Facebook page, or it sends it to your business profile page. But when it does that, it also creates a landing page. So then when he’s on like, let’s say that you go and you look at my listing on Facebook like, let me see this thing. Well, I can either give people the link like, Hey, do you have a website? I don’t need a website. Why? Because his software created a landing page for me automatically. All you gotta do is give them the link. And then when they go back to the link and they’re looking at the link and like I’m interested, all of a sudden his technology kicks in. So even on Facebook, it’s not about the Facebook chat, the way that you’re thinking about it, the chat pot, it’s about getting them to come back to the landing page. And that’s where all the magic happens. So unlike all the chat bots that are out there, his secret sauce is that he’s getting them back to the landing page, which I love because you own the landing page. You don’t own Facebook, you don’t own their stupid algorithm. You get them back to your your landing page, and then all of a sudden the technology kicks in. So, like, do you need a website? No, not with his technology, because now you’re just creating the website from your phone, okay. And that’s the secret sauce. Yeah, the social media, all that stuff. But we know that social media doesn’t really kick in that much until you get them back to your landing page. So could you run a Facebook ad? I’m sorry in the marketplace and provide a link. Hey, want to learn more information? Click here because you can put a link in a marketplace pad. They click there. Now they’re back on your landing page where the retargeting all kicks in and you don’t get from the Facebook piece. We gotta kill this one. This podcast right now, Mark, because like, this is good stuff. But you’ve got to think about how it gets implemented like that. It’s got you hit it. So I’m going to mention a few things that will get you even more excited because you you got it. I mean, you you caught this very quickly because the fact that you’re driving, we’re driving the consumers to a landing page that is really owned by you. You have a pixel embedded in it. You’re talking about not just facebook pixels. We’re talking about Google pixels. So anyone that has a Gmail account also gets tracked automatically under these systems. So the minute they go on your landing page, you you know in the marketing world, you can have a campaign that runs like 10 bucks a month that constantly puts your brand in front of people’s faces. The fact that they saw one of your kato pages, it puts it into a database so that now they’re seeing the land geek everywhere they go, because you put in, like, 10, 20 bucks for those who have seen your content, right, So now you’re building this pipeline of potential customers in the future, and on top of that, you’re right. It’s creating this gallery of photos and landing page because of the pictures you’ve taken, and you can go even further because if you want to, you do a post in the evening. You go back on the computer, you can add in a video you can put a virtual tour in. And you know, one of the things we’re working already is putting working with the company to automate video slideshow. So when you put in 34 photos together, it’s automatically gonna create a very professional looking like promote promo ad with those photos. And then so then my my question is, is that is there a way that I can not start this from my phone. But to have, like an assistant, started from the computer. Absolutely. And you know, if you want to use a lot of the, uh, advanced features highly recommend on the computer is on the computer, you can customize a chat box per landing page. So let’s say you have a land in Florida and they land in San Francisco. Let’s just say each of those chat box can be relevant to those lands. So maybe the you know, the chat box for the Florida uses a blue color and, you know, talks about something about the Florida, you know, environment. And then you have one in San Francisco and you talk about the environment in San Francisco. But the chat box when they start the conversation, the custom greeting is going to be relevant to whatever that content is. And we’re not talking about spending mid no 30 minutes an hour to figure this out. We’re talking about click, click, click. You’re done. It’s all within the space that is given to you. We’ve designed it to be really simple, because our our target audience are realtors and realtors want simplicity right? they don’t want complication. A lot of them are not tech savvy, so we’ve made it to be super easy to use. All right, well, I would just say that the one thing, the one thing I don’t love about like and I like it right, like, don’t get me wrong But like, obviously there’s there’s ways that we can improve everything right? And one thing that I don’t love is I wish, and I’m hoping I can have influence here. I wish that I could do a C name with you. Okay, So, like, I could do like Scott’s land dot com and like all of my properties, filter under there. And I see that you can do a custom domain. But it says $15 per year per property like that’s expensive, man. Yeah, so So we already are. Is let me say it Clearly. It’s already in the pipeline to do something in the in the space of what you just spoke about. You pay for a specific domain. Let’s say you know, land in sf dot com. Every time you make a post relating to that, it will build you this one website that every post gets added to that website, so you start building a real time dynamic. Yeah, it’s like you’re creating a marketplace, right? Craigslist, and every time you click on it, it takes you to an individual landing page for that post. So just it’s all interconnected. So that’s Keitel’s. Already thought about that were down in the pipeline on that. That would be, you know, maybe maybe in the fourth quarter type thing. All right. Well, Michael, we’re all in. So once we hang up, we’re going to have another discussion about other things. But you’re not at the point of the podcast where we want to put you on the spot and ask you for your tip. The week. A website resource, A book, Something else. Actionable, where the art of passive income listeners and go improve their businesses improve their lives. What do you got? Yeah, so two things. You know, this is something that I wish someone gave to me when I started out my entrepreneurial career or just in life. It’s a book called Millionaire Next Door. I don’t know if you guys have come, Stanley. It’s you know, I think the media does a horrible job of conveying reality. And when you talk about wealth, what it means to build wealth and what it means to be financially free, You know, people see the glitz, the glamour, the jewellery, the cars. In reality, you know, you know, the painter, your plumber are the ones who are millionaires. And it’s because of, you know, how much money to keeping their being very smart about their money. You know, people give a bad name of being, you know, cheap. You know, there’s a difference between cheap and frugal. You know, I like to say I’m a proud, frugal individual because I don’t waste my money. I’m not gonna buy a Maserati. I’m gonna buy my Prius. So I saved my money on the gas and the foot, uh, in the actual eco footprint. But, you know, that’s something like that book. When I read that, it just made me feel so much better knowing that. Okay? The path and I’m going at because I was never a spender. But, you know, you always hear that you’ve got to spend to play you gotta, you know, you know, you gotta you gotta spend money to make money type thing But, you know, reading that book really puts in perspective. Like, you know, anyone can do it literally. Anyone can do it. So that book, and for those who are looking to get a better understanding of how successful people think, I think that does a really good job as a majority, Um uh, millionaire next door and then a second book that I started to read. It’s, um I think it’s called. What is that book called? It’s called Why Dr Skip Breakfast by Gregory Charles Up. Check that book out because that book talks about, like, why intermittent fasting is a great thing. How we can reverse aging like that when I started. You know, I’ve been fasting, maybe the past year, and I did it more because I’ve just been so busy. I don’t have time to eat running in the start up, but I didn’t realize the actual health benefits of not eating or skipping your lunch. There’s actual really good health benefits from this, uh, and reading that book has really kind of, you know, makes you feel better, like, Okay, you’re not do anything that’s detrimental to your health. Uh, so those two books are probably the two books I recommend right now. Yeah, I’ve been intermittent fasting for years now. Dr Peter Attia has a great, uh, like podcast on this. And, um, there’s an app called zero. That kind of gives you other education. You can track your fasting, and, um yeah, it’s great. Uh, Scott, Todd, what’s your tip of the week Mark? You know, when you look at the website and up on the browser tab has got that little icon there. Those things are called favor icon. Soraya, like you got this cool little thing. And sometimes people have this website and they don’t even know how to create one of those things. Or what did Steven called what’s called a favor icon, and ultimately, what’s really kind of cool is that you can go to my tip of the week for this week, which is fav icon dot io fade, icon dot io. And when you go there, they hope you easily create one of those little things. You load it into your website and next thing you know, you look like a real real website. Look at that. That’s cool. Very cool. I wonder if I even have it on my new website. Uh huh. Very cool. Well, look, those are great tips, guys, but my tip is going to actually make you a ton of money and save you a ton of time, which is what software is all about. Go to kato dot com k a y d o h dot com Engaged to let your prospects instantly chat. Auto engagements, Marketing Help consolidate your social media engagements. It’s video friendly, smart website builder, and this is Q one. Wait till Q four. This is just the beginning of all this magical ai goodness so kato dot com have a link to a k a y d o h dot com. Michael Lamb. Are we good? We good. Thank you for bringing on guys. Appreciate it. Scott Todd, Are we good? Good Mark. I want to thank the listeners. Remind them today’s podcast is sponsored by flight school. Learn more. How 16 weeks up the mountain of land investing. Scott Todd as your Sherpa can literally transform your life passive income without renters, rehab, renovations or rodents. Learn more about the land. Geek dot com forward slash training forward slash training schedule a call all right, Scott, let’s do this. 123 Let freedom ring. All right. Not bad. Not bad. Thanks, everybody. Thanks, Michael. By

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