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How to easily get texts from Calendly appointments for free

To automate scheduling appointments, Kaydoh loves this free tool called, Calendly. This tool helps automate and save time between yourself and prospect/clients booking tours & listing appointments on your calendar. However out of the box, Calendly doesn’t offer a way to receive instant text sms notifications when someone books a time on your calendar. You will need to upgrade your free Calendly plan to a paid one to get instant sms notifications. Here, we found a great free tool on chrome, called “Gmail SMS Alerts” from cloudHQ. It’s a completely free product that will filter your emails you set and deliver the email via text upon receipt.

To learn how to install cloudHQ on your GMAIL account, and enable getting text alerts from emails. Refer to this step by step tutorial we did.

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The tutorial below will just discuss how to setup a specific filter to look out for Calendly notification and have it delivered to you via SMS text.

What do you need?

Basic Tutorial (video)

(duration: 5 minutes)

Tutorial (step by step)

In your GMAIL, look for the cloudHQ extension to setup your SMS alerts. There will be a SMS icon as shown below. Click on that to setup your email filter to get text messages.

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Click on ‘Add New Rule’ to apply a specific email filter to look for to send SMS alerts on.

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Fill out the information it ask. When done, het “Save Rule”

  • For emails sent from
    Put in the emails you want to filter for. Each rule can consist of a single email or multiple emails . To get a text from Calendly bookings, add the email ‘[email protected]
  • with subject containing
    This field is optional, and can contain specific keywords you’d like to apply to the filter looking for a specific email . For Calendly, add in ‘New Event

STEP 4 – Final Step
That’s it. Once you hit save, you’ll confirm in cloudHQ window of the filter being added. You can have multiple filters applied if you wish. To add, an additional filter, just hit ‘Add New Rule’. At this point you are finished. Test it out by booking an appointment on one of your Calendly links, and you’ll get a SMS text message within a minute or two. Watch the video above to get some details around this tutorial and to learn more ways to leverage various tools to optimize and grow your business.

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STEP 9How to get the most out of your automated scheduling link?
Adding your calendly link to Kaydoh is one of the easiest ways to supercharge your engagements and get more exposure to your calendar link. With Kaydoh, we offer a bult-in LIVE chat button that can connect to your calendly link to drive people to your calendar. Go here to read more and how to add Calendly to Kaydoh in two easy steps.

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Welcome growth marketers. This is Michael Lamb, CEO at Cato. So today I got a great tip on how you can get an instant text message when someone books a time on your calendar using cannoli. Now what makes this unique is that can only out of the box under its free plan does not offer a way to give you an instant text notification when someone books a time on your calendar. Now, this is a problem when you’re waiting for an important email or after a listing presentation in a waiting to hear your results. You wanna make sure when you do get these important emails, you’re immediately notified and unfortunately, can only just sends you an email. And if you’re not always on your email and you haven’t set up your email to send you messages or text messages, then you’re gonna lose that on those important emails that could get buried underneath other emails you get on a daily basis or buried with spam. So with our system, you can not our system, but with the system we’re using, it’s called Cloud H. Q. You can set that up. It’s a free extension on chrome and this can be used under other email providers. But today we’re just gonna use GMO as an example. And we’re not gonna go over setting up cloud H Q Uh, to get the text message, we have a tutorial done for you already step by step, that will go over. That I’m just going to set up today is how do you set up a filter that will look for these new bookings from county and ford it to your text to your phone as a text message? So the first thing you want to do is with the icon SMS. Click on that and create yourself a brand new filter. So before I do this, actually, I’m gonna go ahead and go to the actual email and you want a bill to copy the email that it’s coming from. So this one is gonna be notification that can only I’m gonna go ahead and set a new rule that says, any emails that comes from this and the subject titles this new event, I want to get a text message and I want to send it to my company’s phone. I’m going to save this as a rule and that’s it. It becomes instantly active. So whenever I get an email from Callen Lee saying that I got a new event, which means a new booking, I’m gonna get a text message. So I’m going to close this right now, and I’m going to go over to my cannily demo account and I’m gonna book a time. So I’m going to do that. And I’m also gonna pull up my phone as well while this happens. So I want to show you what text message looks like. So let’s just use right now is an example. We’ll book a time. Let’s say 10 a.m. Tomorrow we’ll confirm that I’m going to say my name is Let’s just say Larry, I’m gonna use my own personal account email So I would say emblem at cato dot com, and then I’m going to go ahead and answer the question. So this was set up on Count Lee to enforce a Pacific question so that the meeting has a little bit more mean behind it, and we do go through. We do have a tutorial on how to set up, can only and and I’ll be more than happy to drop that link underneath this video or within the block itself. So don’t feel like how do you go about doing this? We do have tutorials for each of these things that we do talk about, so don’t worry about that. So I’m gonna go ahead and just put up a random address. Here. We call it mean ST Mill Pittas, Santa California. That’s it. I’m gonna put my phone here. So what you’re going to see is I’m gonna make this little bit larger so you can see my phone and I should get a text message under my grasshopper. That’s the tool that we use. So I’m gonna hit and hit schedule an event, and what it will do is is gonna book this on my calendar. So I go on my calendar right here. I’m gonna go ahead and refresh this right? So when I refresh this, I’m going to see that I got myself a new calendar event and I got a text message here, and if I click on that and I scroll up is going to say I got a new event from Larry. It’s a 15 minute meeting and it gives me some basic information now it doesn’t look very pretty, and that’s okay. This is really the whole goal of this is to just be aware. Hey, you got a new event and it was booked on Callen Lee. This is the person’s email, and they believe, Does it bring does it answer some of the questions? Does it bring in the address? Let’s see, Here it does. If you look at it closely, I know it kind of looks kind of funky on my screen, but it shows it right here. 123 Main Street. So it does essentially force the entire email, and it looks kind of messy. But the most important thing is again you’re gonna get a instant text message on your phone saying that you got a new event is a 15 minute meeting. And it said, You know, this Pacific meeting here was just designed for a quick demo example. So that’s how you can get a quick SMS text message for free using cloud H Q. To connect to your callin the emails with these new events that are happening that way, you never miss out on a booking on your calendar. Um, you guys will set up a tutorial, step by step, not just this video alone, but will also accompany this video with a blogged that has the individual steps that you can read at your own time. If you have any questions, please comment below. The video will answer anyone that has questions and please subscribe to our channel on YouTube as well as follow us on Facebook growth marketers for small businesses. And I’ll see you next week. Bye.