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How to automate scheduling appointments

To automate scheduling appointments, Kaydoh loves this free tool called, Calendly. This web tool can be used to help automate and save time between yourself and prospect/clients booking tours & listing appointments on your calendar. No longer do you need to waste time emailing back and forth on available times between yourself and other parties. Follow the easy steps below to setup your email with calendly.

What do you need?

  • Computer
  • Access to your Email.

Basic Tutorial (video)

(duration: 11 minutes)

Tutorial (step by step)

Go to Calendly website to sign up.

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If your email provider is GMAIL, you’ll be presented with an option to sign up using your GMAIL account. Proceed to use that method. If you have another provider, you’ll be presented with another option to sign up ( authenticating yourself through their specific email provider process )

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Confirm the email account you want to use to connect Calendly to.

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Calendly will request access to your email to find available times. Proceed to allow this by hitting the button, “Allow”

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You can customize your Calendly home link. Ideally use your company or brand name. Try to keep your name a single word if possible for simplicity and easy remembering.

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In this step, it confirms your email is connected and that it’ll do two things for you.

  1. Check your email (the email used to sign up), for scheduling conflicts. It make sure to only show to the public time slots you’re available and prevents double-booking.
  2. It will add scheduled events to your calendar.
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Proceed to choose the days you want to be available for appointments along with times per each day. Keep in mind many people will intentionally close off times to reserve them for other special events or personal time. When done configuring, hit, “Continue”

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Now that your all setup, the final step is to share this link on your social media profiles and include it’s link in your email & social signature. Find the event you’d like to share, and copy the link to share.

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STEP 9How to get the most out of your automated scheduling link?
Adding your calendly link to Kaydoh is one of the easiest ways to supercharge your engagements and get more exposure to your calendar link. With Kaydoh, we offer a bult-in LIVE chat button that can connect to your calendly link to drive people to your calendar. Go here to read more and how to add Calendly to Kaydoh in two easy steps.

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