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How to adapt during pandemic

(duration: 10 minutes)

How you guys doing? Hey, how’s everyone doing? Look this covid-19 is really affecting everybody’s business. I’m here to talk about specifically what you can do to sustain your business covid-19 is a test to how you’re gonna respond to this time of me. Look what you don’t need is something like this like you don’t need this virus. I mean, you don’t need this mask. Okay this mask.

Is is not what you want to showcase a lot of businesses are looking towards help. This is actually a great opportunity as an agent to build these relationships now small businesses local businesses that can ask that can get help from you. But we really need leaders who stand out and every one of you can be that leader or are that leader but to be a leader you have to ask yourself. Why don’t people

I want to follow you that it shows there’s really four things that people look to the first one is trust. Are you the authority figure posting on social media are giving them fake news giving them a conspiracy news or are you actually giving them facts giving him exactly what the government you know in terms of medically what this virus. Is that the same time are you also telling people honestly about how the market is.

Behaving right because buyers and sellers are smart. Okay, so you cannot lie to them. You should be telling them exactly how the market is behaving but always always frame it in an angle of opportunities these you know, I tell agents Like These are opportunistic times. They are a lot of fears out there and fear creates makes people do irrational things. They have irrational decisions. So as an agent

You need to be that person that is not it helps calm down their buyers and sellers and let them be rational in their decision. So you need to make sure you instill trust and Trust in social media right now is blowing up. So as an agent if you’re not on social media you you should be on it right now because you’re there are way more people on social media right now because of the covid-19 because of the stay home Paula.

I see second you need to show compassion. How are you helping out the community now, if you’re out there physically for example at a grocery store. Are you doing your part in being a great Samaritan at the same token if you’re not that out there on a physical world, but on the digital world, how are you engaging with people? You know, if people are posting things that are fear-based are you responding in a

In a way where you’re trying to calm their fears down because again on social media when you’re commenting on other people’s posts other people see those comments. It’s not just the author of that post sees your comment is actually the your followers will see that as well. So if you’re fostering Panic, that’s not a good look at the same time. They’re not going to follow someone that does that what they want is leaders, right? You’re showing trust you show compassion you’re engaging with

People on social media and you’re instilling that calmness staying calm and being rational the third aspect is stability. How are you showing stability right? Are are you promoting fear? Are you promoting about how the world’s going to end as doomsday? Or are you telling people look we need to stay calm collected? Let’s not feed in to the fear. Let’s be rational Let’s help out the community.

And give give resources out give ways and how you can work from home. How are you? Actually you yourselves. How are you working from home? How are you being projected up share that with the community. The last one is very important is Hope right? Are you telling people that this virus will be over and what are your doing to instill hope?

Are you telling people that this virus will be over and that you’re ready to help out after the virus is over or or are you telling him look this virus is bad. Let’s hunker down. But let me help you reposition recalibrate your finances recalibrate your strategy so that when this covid-19 is over you’re out in the gate running you’re ready to go. That is what agents I see.

Agents can do powerfully to stand out and be leaders in the community. You are the authority you’re the leader that’s instilling trust compassion stability and hope okay, and I hope that everyone of you can listen to this and actually apply it some of you are doing a great job of it. Some of you need help. Hey, I’m here to support every one of you we do run a growth marketing for small.

Small business group feel free to join that as completely for free. We give out tips. We show how to write post. We’re going to be doing some weekly series of how to run ads. This is a perfect time to do social media marketing because I said this earlier more people are working from home. They’ll be here and they’ll be all the eyes will be on the computer so you this is the perfect time for you to get the maximum exposure for your brand.

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