LIVE Chat for Real Estate Agents by Kaydoh

Convert Visitors into leads

with LIVE CHAT for Real Estate

Real Leads

Connect with leads in real-time or automate the lead capturing process

Custom Branding

Chat widgets are branded to your business. 

Interactive Content

Turn any photo on your phone into an optimized website for social media. 

Real Engagement Opportunities

Kaydoh helps you get real engagement opportunities by turning your social media posts into instant landing pages with LIVE Chat 💬 automation.

Instantly Chat

Connect with REAL online visitors browsing your website / social media posts.

Auto Engagements

32% of agents got an inquiry, lead or engagement first 4 weeks posting on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Marketing Help

Join Kaydoh marketing support group, offering real examples, templates, tips, and hacks on social media branding.


Consolidate Social Media Engagements

Engagements are done under one platform but posted across multiple social media channels.

Video Friendly

Viewers are 95% more likely to remember a call to action after watching a video. Integrated with Vimeo and YouTube

Smart Website Builder

Powered by photos or video, websites are built in seconds saving business owners time.

Our happy clients

Hear directly from our client’s experience with Kaydoh services first hand with real results !!

Tung Nguyen, Top 1% Agent Nationwide

Donna Castillo, Top Producer & Board Member @ NAHREP

Sonia Vu, Top Producer @ NextHome Lifestyles

Angelo Gallo, Sales Manager @ C21 MM

Keith Vong, Top 1% Agent @ Intero

About Us

We are a family-oriented real estate technology company seeking to protect🛡️ the jobs of Real Estate Agents.  What is the meaning behind “Kaydoh” ?

Kaydoh is derived off the Bruce Lee movie-show, “Green Hornet” where it was Bruce Lee who played the action hero, “Kato” and did all the ass-kicking but NEVER got the credit.  

Kaydoh is exactly trying to do the same thing.

We love to ass-kick using our AI and Automation but never do we want to get the credit.  

Our mission is to help agents get more engagement opportunities leveraging their own social media channels and be their own super star.

 ✔️ We understand agents will NEVER get replaced by technology.  

✔️ We understand real estate business will remain a human to human interaction.  

✔️ We plan to help keep that prosperous for you and your industry.

Award Winning Team

“Most Innovative Social Media Solution” at the RA Tech Awards

Michael Lam

CEO & Founder

Michael Lam is an award-winning entrepreneur and CEO at Kaydoh.  With a 12-year background in real estate and marketing, he is an expert, speaking in 2019 at the #1 real estate conference, NAR Expo.  He previously co-founded GoHire, where he built one of the most viral messaging apps doing over 100K messages in over 100 countries in less than 30 days.  He attributed his early success by leveraging LIVE chat.  When he is away from the grind, he is with his family and four👧👧👧👧 daughters all under the age of 9 years old.

Tom Tognoli


Tom Tognoli is a co-founder and former CEO at Intero.  Tom has been one of the most influential leaders in the real estate industry for over 30 years.  Through his visionary leadership, he not only guided Intero through the 2008 real estate crash, but used it as an opportunity to make Intero bigger and better.  Tom continually promotes and lives by the core principle of F5: Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Finance.  In 2014, Intero’s dominance in the Northern California real estate market earned the attention of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway. Intero was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway in April of 2014.  Tom stayed on as CEO of Intero until 2019.  Today, Tom sits on the advisory board for several startup companies, including 5 other rising real estate tech startups.  Tom is also a partner at 1Flourish Ventures which focuses on investing in early stage tech companies led by high character leaders that know creating a winning culture is critical to their success.   

Ganesh KV

Chief Technology Officer

Having co-founded Yaarlo, an online e-commerce business, Ganesh brings a wealth of over 16 years of experience that has transcended Kaydoh to the next level in cutting edge software development.  He ensures overall software and servers are designed to scale and be efficient while staying on top of the latest trends in artificial intelligence space.

Ashraf Zain

Visual Designer

Ashraf is a powerhouse when it comes to visual design, never leaving work unfinished.  He is full of creativity and his work is seen throughout all of Kaydoh products.  In his spare time, he loves anime, games and new technology.

Gideon Rosales

Lead Software Engineer

Gideon is the ninja that can do it all, from backend to frontend, to server maintenaince.  He plays a critical role developing Kaydoh’s core backend chatbot engine.  On his free time, you can catch him playing his guitar and singing.

Our Tech Team

Our talented team in the Philippines keeps the product humming and thriving. With the high quality of customer service, tech support, marketing, and analytics, the team provides crucial service to Kaydoh members.


How do I cancel my plan?

Canceling your plan is simple.  Just log into your  dashboard.  At the top right of your profile, find the link, “Billing.”  There click on that and find the button “Cancel Subscription”.  After clicking on that button you will no longer get a recurring charge.  

How do I activate my account?

To activate, you should have received an email from ‘[email protected]’  There you’ll get an activate link / button to complete your sign up.  If you don’t remember you’ve done this already.  Please reset your password:  RESET HERE

How do I reset my password?

Please go here to reset your password:   click here

Do you partner up with Title companies?


If you’re in title and would like to partner up with Kaydoh, we’d love to get you setup in our channel partner program for FREE.  We have a lot of marketing packages that can accelerate your business growth, such as FREE unlimited access to Kaydoh products,  exclusive marketing training to your valued clients, exclusive general marketing training to your sales team, overall on-demand support.
Send us a message to [email protected] – OR – Chat with us LIVE below ↘️

Do you provide special pricing for groups?

Yes, we love working with groups.  Please send us an email at [email protected]  or chat with us LIVE to request more info on group discounts.

Can I get a refund of setup-fee?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer refund of the one-time setup fee.   We do however offer pro-rated refunds on monthly and annual subscriptions.  Please contact [email protected] to inquire about such requests.

What social media channels work with Kaydoh?

We work with any social media channel as long as it allows you to share links.  Instagram is the only platform we are aware of that limits how Kaydoh is used.  Instagram doesn’t allow you to post links organically (for free).  Instead, you’d have to run a paid-ad or update your profile link.   All other social media channels work with Kaydoh, such as but not limited to:

  • Facebook – #1 Social Media Platform – Consumers
  • LinkedIn – #1 Social Media Platform – Business
  • Twitter
  • Emails
  • SMS Text Messages
  • Messaging Apps

Known platforms that don’t work with Kaydoh directly

Do we syndicate the listing?

No, we are not associated with any syndication sites.  We do not post to 3rd party sites like Zillow, Redfin, Trulia…etc.   Kaydoh product is designed to leverage your existing social media or grow your social media audience organically.  You can certainly run ads on Kaydoh websites you make, but is not necessary needed to grow your brand using Kaydoh.

Can I refund anytime?

Yes you can refund your monthly payment anytime for the month you billed in.  If you signed up for an annual subscription.  Your annual plan will be pro-rated.  Your one-time setup fee is NOT refundable.

Does this tool get smarter?

Yes, as more clients use it, the tool will get smarter and will be able to provide more valuable features based on the data it collects.

What is this LIVE chat meant to be?

The LIVE chat is a SMART LIVE Chat.  It will automatically try to lead capture for you, collect info and can even call up the lead for you using our AI Voice technology.  It does not carry 1-1 conversation for you.  The LIVE chat is meant to provide consumers an easy way to engage directly with your brand.  Even though we have automation setup to collect information, we believe 50% of real estate leads never get responded to is a result of agents not having a system in place to be notified instantly.  Kaydoh solves this with our instant notification app.

Can this system be integrated with other vendors / CRMs ?

Yes, as long as the vendor has an open API, Kaydoh can work with any vendor to insert any lead that comes through Kaydoh services.

What reporting will I receive?

Once signed up, Kaydoh will provide access to a dashboard with analytics and lead profile information.

Does the data come directly from MLS?

No.  The beauty behind our product is you can go to market instantly with just your phone and photos you take.  We do integrate with other 3rd party vendors such as GreatSchools to pull in school information surrounding the property address.

How does it work?

Our product is easy as 3 steps:  Snap , Share, Enage

  1. Snap a few photos, such as home, kitchen, client appreciation, awards, business card, property flyers.  Anything you want to build a website around
  2. Use Kaydoh app (download here)
  3. Share the photos on your social media channels
  4. Done  (consumers will click on your post if interested and will engage with your via LIVE chat if your content is of interest to them)

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