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Websites that Talk ....

Auto-Start the Sales Conversation

LIVE Leads

Chat with any lead directly online

Customized to your Brand

Chat widgets are branded to your business.

Talking Websites

Turn any photo into a digital web page instantly by just taking a photo and posting it on your preferred social media channels.

Engage and delight prospects

With a single text, you can spark clients’ curiosity to grow and create new business opportunities.  Powered by artificial intelligence, Kaydoh is the most valuable service any REALTOR® provides to their clients, keeping them happy, engaged, retained.

Instantly Chat

Connect with REAL online visitors browsing your website / social media posts.

Auto Engagements

32% of agents got an inquiry, lead or engagement first 4 weeks posting on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Marketing Help

Join Kaydoh marketing support group, offering real examples, templates, tips, and hacks on social media branding.


Consolidate Social Media Engagements

Engagements are done under one platform but posted across multiple social media channels.

Video Friendly

Viewers are 95% more likely to remember a call to action after watching a video. Integrated with Vimeo and YouTube

Smart Website Builder

Powered by photos or video, websites are built in seconds saving business owners time.

Our happy clients

Hear directly from our client’s experience with Kaydoh services first hand with real results !!

Keith Vong

Angelo Gallo

Carlos Garcia

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Affordable plans, right-sized for you

Provide your clients with a valuable service that sparks their curiosity to grow in a platform branded by you.  Keep your clients coming back for your service using cutting edge technology.

Pay as you go

$ 39


  • No Setup Fee
  • Unlimited Leads
  • 5 Max - Active Property Pages
  • Social Media Integrations
  • LIVE Chat (start messaging with Leads )
  • Auto Email Capture
  • Custom Domain ($15 per property annually)
  • 7 Day Free Trial

Most Popular (Annual Plan)

$ 19


  • Annual subscription
  • No Setup Fee
  • Unlimited Leads
  • 20 Max - Active Property Pages
  • Social Media Integrations
  • LIVE Chat (start messaging with Leads )
  • Auto Email Capture
  • Auto Voice Followups
  • Custom Domain ($15 per property annually)
  • 7 Day Free Trial

About Us

We are a family-oriented real estate technology company seeking to protect🛡️ the jobs of Real Estate Agents.

We also understand many can’t afford the AI driven tools available in today’s market.  It’s either too expensive or too complicated.   

Kaydoh looks to change that by offering cutting-edge technology that makes it super easy to lead capture while staying affordable to agents.  

 ✔️ We understand agents will NEVER get replaced by technology.  

✔️ We understand real estate business will remain a human to human interaction.  

✔️ We plan to help keep that prosperous for you and your industry.

Award Winning Team

“Most Innovative Social Media Solution” at the RA Tech Awards

Michael Lam

CEO & Founder

Before Michael founded Kaydoh, he previously co-founded GoHire, where he architected one of the first virtual recruiting chatbots on Facebook Messenger, “GoBe – the Job Bot”, to go viral in over 110 countries.  He has been a real estate investor in the past 10 years, having experience in flips, rental acquisitions, and hard money lending.  With the mixed blend of unique experience in both Real Estate and Technology, it has allowed him to bring together a solution agent can understand and leverage to stay protected in this crowded real estate space.  He is an expert in analytics, business intelligence, and chatbot design.  When he is away he spends all of his time with his four daughters all under the age of 8 years old.

Sabine Zimmerhansl


Sabine brings unparallel insights and experience in technology, branding, sales, and strategic marketing.  She has over 15+ years leading startups and Fortune 500 companies in various high caliber roles as COO, CMO, Senior VP, Managing Directors.  With Sabine visionary guidance, Kaydoh is positioned to dominate.


Ganesh KV

Chief Technology Officer

Having co-founded Yaarlo, an online e-commerce business, Ganesh brings a wealth of over 16 years of experience that has transcended Kaydoh to the next level in cutting edge software development.  He ensures overall software and servers are designed to scale and be efficient while staying on top of the latest trends in artificial intelligence space.

Wayne Wing

Director of Operations

A motivated achiever with more than 19 years of rigid experience in the software development industry. Transforms strategic plans into workable solutions and benchmarks performance against key operational targets. 

Ashraf Zain

Visual Designer

Ashraf is a powerhouse when it comes to visual design, never leaving work unfinished.  He is full of creativity and his work is seen throughout all of Kaydoh products.  In his spare time, he loves anime, games and new technology.

Gideon Rosales

Lead Software Engineer

Gideon is the ninja that can do it all, from backend to frontend, to server maintenaince.  He plays a critical role developing Kaydoh’s core backend chatbot engine.  On his free time, you can catch him playing his guitar and singing.

Arnel Macapobre

Software Engineer

Arnel is the jack of all trade engineer who can get his hands involved in every aspect of development.  A strong individual to the core team of Kaydoh’s engineering.

Kishore Srinivas

Junior Software Engineer

Kishore is a young hungry engineer who architect Kaydoh’s voice chatbot fully integrated with Amazon Alexa.  He has a knack for quickly learning new technologies thrown at him.

Our Tech Team

Our talented team in the Philippines keeps the product humming and thriving. With the high quality of customer service, tech support, marketing, and analytics, the team provides crucial service to Kaydoh members.


Can I refund anytime?

Yes you can refund your monthly payment anytime for the month you billed in.

Does this tool get smarter?

Yes, as more clients use it, the tool will get smarter and will be able to provide more valuable features based on the data it collects.

Is this an AI chatbot?

Yes, its a chatbot that uses components of AI in part of the conversation.

Can this system be integrated with other vendors / CRMs ?

Yes, as long as the vendor has an open API, Kaydoh can work with any vendor to insert any lead that comes through Kaydoh services.

What reporting will I receive?

Once signed up, Kaydoh will provide access to a dashboard with analytics and lead profile information.

Does the data come directly from MLS?

Our service can pull data public on MLS or directly from your phone to create real-time lead capturing websites for your online presence.

How does it work?

  1. Snap a photo of home, kitchen, client, your awards, yourself..etc  (anything relating to your business)
  2. Post on social media
  3. (website gets auto-generated) – Nothing for you to do 🙂
  4. Engage with online visitors as they come in.

Is there any software to install?

Yes you will need to download Kaydoh’s FREE mobile app in order to directly connect with your online visitors.

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